Struggling with Inflammation, Irritation and Itching? Here’s How To Soothe Your Skin.

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What Inflammation Is 
Inflammation is the human body's response to damage.  When you hurt yourself, for example, inflammation is the swelling that develops after and around the injury.

How Inflammation Shows Up On Your Skin
Unwelcome signs of inflamed skin include; rashes, red patches, breakouts, scaling, itching, peeling and sometimes even cracking. If your skin is constantly inflamed, several factors could be at play.

The Causes of Inflammation

Skin inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons such as using abrasive soaps or detergents, taking various medications, excessive alcohol intake, gut issues, product allergies as well as environmental factors such as environmental toxins and pollution. 

Chronic stress is another factor that can cause or exacerbate inflammation.

While some causes of inflammation are entirely out of our control, one that isn’t is food. Some of the top offenders include excessive intake of; salt, sugar, fast food, cheese and processed meats.

Egyptian Face Oil


How To Minimise Inflammation

Minimising inflammation in today’s world requires a holistic approach. This includes applying stress management techniques such as exercise, and practicing mindfulness.

It also involves watching what you eat and indulging in processed foods, dairy, sugar and even salt in moderation.

Also, essential to managing inflammation is product ingredients; using products that are formulated with gentle ingredients that include anti-inflammatory properties. 

Hayaty Natural’s Egyptian Face Oil

One of my top product picks for minimising inflammation is Hayaty Natural’s, Egyptian Face Oil.

What makes Hayaty Natural’s Egyptian Face Oil so special, is that when it comes to fighting inflammation, it takes no prisoners. This is in part because of its ingredients.

Its hero ingredient black seed oil was said to have been found in King Tut’s tomb and is said to have been a favourite of Queen Cleopatra’s due to its antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and high thymoquinone properties. 

Next is Lupin seed oil, Rose Canina Fruit Extract, Frankincense Extract and Salvia Officinalis Leaf Extract, all powerful antioxidants that combine to pack a powerful moisture punch, promote skin regeneration and collagen production.

Not only that but it is developed from naturally derived ingredients that help to create the best skin environment while working to protect the skin barrier.


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