Products Made with Social and Environmental Ethics.

“Ethically grown in Egypt. Complemented and Made in Italy.”

Sourced from egypt

The Pharaohs left us the oldest medical documentation of ancient herbal knowledge to date. Throughout history these secret recipes passed from generation to generation among local inhabitants in the historic cities across Egypt such as, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, where we source all of our botanicals, from organic farming.


The craftsmanship of the Italian production guarantees that we will consistently deliver the finest high-quality products to our community.

Our production and complementary ingredients are organically grown and sustainably made in Italy in the beautiful city of Orvieto, Italy, in small batches; each product deserves 100% care and attention.

Our production farm is certified by: The Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB), and CCPB certification ensures organic, eco-friendly and sustainable production under the rules that define the organic method recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural.

Sustainable Approach

Quality over Quantity 

At Hayaty, we share the same philosophy as Ancient Egypt when making our products. We are committed to creating quality products rich in high-performance natural botanicals that offer multi-beneficial that work effectively long side the natural self-healing process of our body. 

To reduce the environmental impact by lowering product consumption.

Sustainable Packaging 

100% sourced from Italy, Our renowned Italian packaging partner has been in the market since 1940 and uses renewable energy sources. Certified by ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Using ISO 9001 helps to ensure that customers get consistently good quality products and services.

External Packaging

Certified (FSC) The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-governmental organization committed to promoting responsible forest management throughout the globe.

Internal Packaging 

We use glass bottles: the quality and the material in which the formula is bottled are fundamental for the product’s protection and for the environment’s safety.  


We rely on renewable energy resources.
We ship only by sea or across the land to reduce our carbon footprint, collaborating with other entities to create a unique cargo shipment.
In addition, we have warehouses in the countries we operate in, Italy and the UK, to reduce the environmental impact of delivery to our clients.
At Hayaty Natural, we are committed to reducing our waste and impact on the planet.
Being a young company allows us to improve and constantly innovate to reduce our environmental impact.


 We select only Fair-trade ingredients and procedures that put first workers’ rights, safe working conditions and fair compensation are guaranteed by directly supporting local communities and small businesses. 


 We respect and follow the natural growth cycle of all our ingredients. Our formulas are free from any ingredients with genetic modifications. 


We are certified cruelty-free and vegan through the internationally recognized organization d Peta. 


We donate 2% of every bottle sold to charitable organizations. Find out more