Giving Back

Now more than ever, social impact needs to be at the core of each of us; it is one of the pillars of a holistic approach we should be adapting towards our life. At Hayaty, we support four charities, and 2% of each product is donated. 

Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano

AIC Italia Milano is a volunteering association established in 1617 by St. It has been active in Milan since the mid Nineteenth century, supporting people by engaging them in projects that concern them, so they take a role in their development. Activities and services aim to support a whole family through support centres, young people's education and training centres, children's education centres, senior people services, shelters, welfare services, a food bank, and a clothing bank. People in need will be welcomed at one of the Centri Vincenziani, where they will receive the support and goods they need. The organization often leads to long-lasting, friendly, trusting relationships as people are followed and supported in their development.


Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa is a charity registered in the UK and the USA, working to improve the environment and local education in Malawi, Africa. The charity was founded in 2003 by Geoff and Liz Furber, who both share a passion for Africa, especially northern Malawi. During one fateful trip (and some very questionable map reading!) to Malawi, they found their way to the village of Mwaya and fell in love with the area. They decided to buy a property there, and, with the combination of their skills and a strong passion for Africa, Ripple Africa was born.


Beat eating disorder

Beat is an eating disorder charity based in the UK, founded on ending the pain and suffering caused by these disorders. People who have attended the charity and hence recovered from these disorders have found Beat to be an extremely safe place for family and friends who struggle to find a solution, easing their suffering and providing critical support. Eating disorders harm the quality of life of those affected as well as the people who care for them, destroying childhoods, ruining relationships and tearing families apart. With suitable treatment and support, recovery is possible!


APF is a non-profit charitable organization and dog shelteR

APF is a non-profit charitable organization and dog shelter in Egypt – registration number 5630. APF was founded on devoting time, effort, and donations received to improve the lives of dogs, helping to relieve their pain and suffering.
The APF organization does not receive any authority funding and relies solely on donations from the community, seeking to develop a place where animal welfare is a priority. Animals feel, but they do not talk. APF aids street dogs that have no one to care for them.