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Let's go back to basics. Where real beauty meant taking care of souls and bodies.

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Skin care products for men & women
Skin care face cream for men & women


In Ancient Egypt, self-care was a pillar of the daily life of both men and women as part of the holistic approach they had towards themselves and their surrounding environment. 

Hayaty stands for “My Life” in Arabic. A word that embodies our ethos, the same that inspired our founder Randa Zaid, to connect her Egyptian roots and Italian background to redefine modern beauty standards. Looking back in time, to offer a new holistic way of self-care.


Derived and sourced only from nature and organic farming, certified AIAB.


None of the active ingredients, raw materials or finished products involve animal testing.


We don't use any animal-derived ingredients. All our formulas are plant-based and vegan.


We donate 2% of each purchase to charitable organizations in each country we operate in.

Packaging & Impact

We ensure that all our packaging materials are recyclable, minimal and FSC certified. To reduce our carbon footprint we ship only by sea or land.

Ethically Sourced

We are fair-trade; working and supporting local communities and small businesses. We ensure fair payment and safe work conditions.


Sustainability matters. We are GMO-free and we rely on renewable energy resources.

100% Made in Italy

Our products are made in Italy to ensure the finest and highest quality.