What Is A Minimalist Skincare Routine ?

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A minimalist skincare routine involves cutting down your skincare stash to the bare minimum, getting rid of non-essentials and only keeping products in your skincare roster that, address your skin's most essential needs.

Everyone Is Embracing a Simpler Life

If the thought of maintaining healthy glowing skin in fewer steps sounds appealing to you, then you’re not alone. A quick YouTube or TikTok search flings up hundreds of videos and shorts of influencers and everyday people sharing their minimalist skincare routines.

In fact, one can say that minimalism is a lifestyle that seems to have picked up considerable steam since the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to grow as the world faces a financial downturn.

Whether it's because more people are examining their lives more closely it's clear that the present is underscored by a good number of people who want to create simpler, richer lives and daily routines.

A minimalist skincare routine is an important part of this simplification. 

Minimalist Skincare


How to Simplify Your Skincare 

When it comes to embracing minimalism in skincare, it's important to note that less doesn’t mean compromising on quality, rather less simply means being more intentional, taking more time to research, read through ingredients lists and make decisions about skincare purchases.

So what does one need in a minimalist skincare routine? Keep reading, I’ll tell you!

I’m no dermatologist but I like to think of myself as a beauty and skincare enthusiast, who has researched and tried a whole lot of products. 

In my experience, the building blocks of a minimalist skincare regimen are 4:a potent cleanser, one serum, one moisturiser and sunscreen. That's it! 

Selecting the Right Products for Your Skin

If you take your time, to write out your top skincare concerns, you can identify which ingredients to focus on when selecting skincare products.

For instance, if you have sensitive acne-prone skin, you should choose a gentle cleanser with salicylic acid and if your skin is prone to scarring and blemishes, then it's a good idea for you to choose products that promote healing. 

Of course, central to all good skincare regimens is sunscreen and choosing one for your skin is an important decision that cannot be taken lightly.

Simplicity Is at the Heart of Self-Care 

Even as you think about whether or how to simplify your skincare, it is important to remember that skincare is at the heart of self-care, which is essential for well-being and has been practised even as far back as ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, self-care practice wasn't just performed for an aesthetic function. It was a pillar of the daily life of both men and women and a sign of holiness as part of their holistic approach towards themselves and their surrounding environment. Such rituals were laden with social, spiritual, and ritual significance and a celebration of life.

This revelation in itself, that ancient civilisations considered skincare to be an important part of self-care, is pivotal in deciding what type of skin care regimen to have because it highlights the fact that self-care should be simple and in essence should feel like a celebration of self and a celebration of life.

What’s your Skincare Routine? How many steps is it? Talk To Us In The Comments.

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