Halal Skincare: What You Need To Know

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Across the globe, some cultures were already reaping the benefits of “Halal” self-care products for centuries before the rest of western society was even aware of it. Now, Halal cosmetic products are enjoying ever-growing popularity due to their clean and efficient ingredients and formulations. And while you may be wondering if Halal skincare is for everybody the answer is, yes.

But what  Halal cosmetics mean? Halal refers to beauty products that have been manufactured and composed of ingredients that are permissible under Islamic Shariah (law).

Back in the early days, the term “Halal” was mainly used to describe whether certain foods were permissible for consumption according to Islamic laws. Nowadays, the term “Halal” has expanded to other aspects of lifestyle, from makeup to skincare, to mainstream cosmetics. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of Muslim women and men looking for products that meet their lifestyle.   

Halal Skincare

So, then what is so special about “Halal”? While the concept of “Halal” is mostly applied to foods and animal by-products, it has increasingly expanded to skincare products intended to look after yet another part of the body, our biggest organ, the skin. Similar to other safety and ethical certifications, “Halal” practices ensure the purity and production practices of both dietary and cosmetic products. Meaning that your skin can be assured that it will only receive clean, ethical, and sustainable care.

So, why is the rise of a previously unknown category important for the daily skincare user? 

Put simply, “Halal” self-care products:

  • Use natural plant-based ingredients
  • Are free from animal by-products, alcohol, and parabens.
  • Produced using equipment and materials that comply with Islamic laws.

“Halal” skincare, similar to what Ancient Egyptians looked for when taking care of their skin, also means that products meet the highest ingredient purity and production quality standards and offer only the best to their community.

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