Did Ancient Egyptians Invent Synergistic Skincare?

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Are you familiar with the term synergistic skincare? If you aren’t, it’s definitely a concept you should get nice and familiar with as it could be the key to setting the foundation for optimal skin health. 

While skincare brands often put out products that let consumers pick and choose the right solutions or “customisations” for their unique needs, the best products are those developed to work synergistically, hence together. According to experts, skincare lines that include all of the most important skincare ingredients in a single routine are at the forefront of the game not only when it comes to efficacy, but also to sustainability and minimalism. These include Vitamin C to even out skin tone, Stem Cell Technology to strengthen and repair, Probiotics as well as other purposefully selected premium plant-based ingredients and antioxidants for moisturization, hydration, and deep nourishment. The principle is that holistic synergistic combinations can deliver better results than any single therapy alone.


Skincare aficionados often make the mistake of choosing multiple products and combining them into one overly complicated, multistep regimen. This often leads to confusion, unhappiness, and a lack of stellar results. This happens due to one product cancelling the other or interfering with its chemical makeup. The best regimen is a system of products designed to work together and boost each other's efficacy in order to achieve 360º optimal skin. 

To experience comprehensive improvement in your skin—from texture to tone to elasticity—you want to look for products and rituals that address all these concerns in a synergistic way. One bioactive can protect the skin from the deleterious effect of UV radiation and thus photoaging, another compound can enhance skin regeneration and resilience and another may act on skin elasticity and overall longevity. If you combine these different compounds in a single product, you can achieve higher efficacy.

In the same way, Ancient Egyptians saw their holistic approach to self-care as a treatment of the whole self, synergistic formulas treat the whole skin health indirectly. Selfcare back then was considered an art and a holy ritual. This statement should remain as true today as it was back then. Selfcare doesn't have to be complicated, it must be balanced and aligned with our body's needs.

Being fully aware of the fact that mixing different active ingredients to boost results can be complicated and that it is the reason why you should always choose an already well-mixed cocktail of actives rather than DIYing yourself to good skin is the fashion in which skincare with synergistic ingredient pairings was and is what Ancient Egyptians swore by when levelling up their wellness rituals.

There are certain combinations of skincare ingredients that simply work better together than they do apart. Our Egyptian Recovery Face Cream is a perfect example of mixing the right ingredients together with the correct PH balance and regenerative properties for optimal results. The combination of plant oils, probiotics, stem cells, and antioxidants creates a synergistic effect that works wonders for the skin. Different levels of hydration, regeneration, and antiglycation are tackled while acting on different skin layers to strengthen your skin from the inside out, shielding it against environmental aggressors and aiding in the circadian rhythm, allowing your skin to rest and heal itself. It truly is a recipe for skin health and wellness bottled in a luxurious duo.

Synergistic formulas infuse well-studied bioactive that can go to town and target different aspects of skin damage. Moreover, synergy should be the “concept” to keep in mind when it comes to nighttime regeneration. Skin nutrition paired with sleep is the combo for skin health and optimal skin regeneration. Done correctly it allows us to wake up to better skin with each treatment. 

Ancient Egyptians didn’t believe in random acts of self-care kindness. For them, the best regimen was composed of a range of systems designed to work holistically on the treatment of the whole body, and ultimately the skin-our largest organ. Self-care is a mighty art form, where we at Hayaty believe that synergy already present in the nature that surrounds us is the way to ensure you are getting all the results and allowing your skin to tell its full story.

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