Why Are Essential Oils Essential?

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Essential oils are the foundation of Hayaty skincare. The use of essential oils is so important for the renewal of skin cells but also a regeneration of wellbeing. The elements of these ingredients protect and moisturise the skin and boost the ultimate aura of relaxation. 

Your evenings should be a state of calmness and ease. To possess a true peace of mind you have to allow yourself to unwind. Hayaty skincare sets the perfect evening routine to ensure your mind is clear before bed. Give yourself time to shut out the outside world and focus on what is coming from within. Your body and mind are in constant, cyclical communication, how you treat your skin effects your overall well being. 

At Hayaty we truly believe that aromatherapy is a great way to destress from external influences. It gives the ultimate protection of the skin and mind from different aggressors. Skincare should be an immersive experience encouraging an embracing of all the senses. The plant-based oils disperse aromas that emit serenity and tranquility. The ingredients in our pharaonic duo are embedded with natural, essential oils that have a calming impact on the mind and the skin. This approach to skincare is a great way to avoid looking at skin care as a chore. These moments of self care should leave you feeling liberated and free.

Engaging in a routine use of essential oil based products will lead to a progressive sense of relaxation. You will begin to subconsciously associate your evening time with Me time. This is vital. 

We follow in the footsteps of our Ancient Egyptian ancestors. The cultivation of essential oils was an integral part of Egyptian hygiene, skincare and beauty. The oils were extracted from the greatest desert areas of Egypt. At Hayaty, we are fixated on how ingredients are earthed. The knowledge of natural, organic skincare products is a perfect way to know what is best for the skin.

We say look to the origins. The spiritual, healing qualities of this form of ancient treatment aligns with the importance of self care in our modern day. We adapt their use of rose, jojoba, lemon mandarin essential oils to produce an all-natural, organic product for our community to love and enjoy. The natural creation of fragrant ingredients is a key element of how skin care can engage the senses. You are bound to experience a new dimension of skincare with essential oil aromatherapy.

Create your own peace with Hayaty skincare.

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