The Hayaty route to energised skin

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Has your skin been feeling dry and tired? Spending time on working on a personalised evening routine can help to re-energise and regenerate your skin cells as well as your overall wellbeing. It is always worthwhile to devote time to making yourself feel your best. What you are feeling on the inside is often reflected on the outside and this is why we want to boost all things positive, radiant and optimistic. 

But how can I implement this mentality into a regular routine?

  1. Dedicate 10-15 minutes of your evening to a night time cleanse and moisturise. Allocate a specific time each evening to step aside from what you are doing and delve into your moments of self care. 

Our Hayaty pharaonic duo is custom made to suit the relaxation period of the day. When it is time to wind down, it is time to bring out your Hayaty products. This simple step routine means that the use of Hayaty can be easily integrated into your usual routine. 

Massaging the blessed oil in an upward motion helps to promote circulation and is a therapeutic technique. It is perfect to prepare yourself for rest. These motions communicate to the brain and the skin. 

This leads us to the next step!

  1. Unblock your thought processes with meditation. Tiredness is often related to the overwhelming, saturated thoughts that arise from day to day. Why not trial a type of meditation that works for you? This can be sitting in silence, processing your day, listening to a meditation podcast or a calming soundtrack. 

The scents of our Ancient Egyptian Hayaty ingredients are embedded to correlate with the freedom of the body, the mind and the skin. The supercharged botanicals of Ancient origin energise the skin with the hydrating, moisturising elements. Our use of seed oils; black seed, lupin seed and onion extract have been proven to work effectively at night, reducing inflammation and soothing facial muscles. 

The use of our products alongside meditation rituals will positively change how you feel. At the end of each day you should feel liberated and at peace. Going to bed with a clear mind is a key step to truly looking after yourself. 

  1. Ensure 8 hours of sleep every night. The skin produces new collagen when you are asleep, it is a crucial part of the repair process. Your skin protects itself better when rest is enacted. When laying down the fluid within the body is given time to reach the face, rehydrating the facial region of the skin. Sleep is vital to recharging your individual battery and your body. 

Treat your skin and your mind with gentle care. Awaken your glow.

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