Let’s Talk About Natural Oils

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As you probably know, facial oils are oil-based liquid formulas designed to be used on the skin. They're typically formulated with non-comedogenic botanical oils and essential oils, which won't cause breakouts, clogged pores, or sensitize the skin. Facial oils often also include plant extracts and powerful antioxidants. Nowadays with technological advances in skincare formulations, oils can be packed with oil-soluble actives for added skin benefits. They are a hybrid between an emollient and active constituent rich bioavailable treatment. 

Oils can be as “rare” or “powerful” as the plants they stem from. The harsher the weather conditions the higher antioxidant levels and reparative ingredients an oil will present in its lipid-rich texture. While serums are a modern-day invention, oils have been around for millennia. Loved, worshipped, and used in medicine extensively throughout the centuries. A powerhouse all in one treatment for those on the lookout for a simpler yet effective self-care routine. They are the embodiment of “nature at its best”. A must in all skincare routines from the most complicated to the simpler, minimalistic ones.

Are you ready to glisten like the gods? Let’s talk about natural, organic facial oils!

Facial oils or as we like to call them oleo serums are an essential nourishing component of skincare. They create an environmental shield to protect the skin from external oxidative aggressors and have been extensively researched for their outstanding benefits. They are a natural cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and lipids that help respect the natural lipid barrier of the skin and aid in its regeneration.


As an emollient, oils nourish the skin and strengthen the moisture barrier. A weakened protective barrier can lead to skin sensitivity, rashes, acne, and even early wrinkling due to water loss. The function of moisturizing does so much for the skin than what is thought of at face value. Oils work from the inside out to give the skin a natural, dewy, plump glow. 

At Hayaty oils are more than just an added step in our skincare rituals, they are part of our heritage. When developing our formulas we deeply inspired ourselves by ancient papyrus texts that recorded the healing, skin-loving benefits of these gifts of nature. We truly believe that a healthy skin barrier leads to healthy skin and this is why our formulas have been designed with oils and actives, as a healthy skin barrier allows for active absorption and better skin results.

Everyone can benefit from including oils in their skincare routine. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin our products are skin-inclusive. Both, the cream and the oil absorb into the skin's top layer, moisturizing it while also regulating sebum production.

Hayaty uses cruelty-free, fair-trade organic oils and extracts, so you can rest assured that you are only using the premium quality organic oils on your skin. For added skin and body benefits, we use aromatherapy in the form of an earthy-toned medicinal blend of essential oils such as rose, mandarin, and frankincense. 

Our unique extract blend improves overall well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. We pay meticulous attention to each and every ingredient that goes into our products as every ingredient is important in the function of the whole. Our formulas and ingredients work in synergy to activate and compliment each other. We are advocates for synergistic skincare.  

Among the multiple benefits that oils hold, they also help to reduce inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions. Our Egyptian Blessed Night Seed Oil is packed with potent antioxidant compounds, which help to relieve inflammation, aid in cell regeneration and skin brightening, and help soothe your skin, to make your cells a vibrant, reinforced community. 

All this goodness will help strengthen the skin so that it can protect itself from external stressors and pollution and mitigate the damage. 

Want to see what the craze is about? To get your ultimate glow and benefit your skin, use our Blessed Night Seed Oil after using our Egyptian Recovery Face Cream to build a protective, moisture barrier on the top layer of the skin. All good things come in two! Make a royal night ritual with our Pharaonic Duo.

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