First Egyptian Holistic Skincare Brand Hayaty Natural, Launches its Pop-Up shop in John Lewis & Partners in London

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Holistic skincare brand, Hayaty Natural, has partnered with The Great Brand Exchange to launch its first pop-up shop at John Lewis & Partners in Westfield, White City, London from May 8th to May 14th, 2023.

The brand, which is inspired by Ancient Egyptian skincare formulas, ingredients and belief in self-care as a form of self-love and self-esteem was born out of Founder Randa Zaid’s struggle, to find high-performance plant-based skincare that worked for dark skin tones during her healing journey from severe acne, irritated skin, and low self-esteem.

During her healing journey, Randa reconnected with her Egyptian roots, an experience that sparked her creative energy and inspired her to merge ancient knowledge with modern technology. This union gave birth to Hayaty Natural,  a range of plant-based, halal skincare products meticulously designed to optimize the natural overnight regeneration process of the skin. With Black Seed Oil, Lupin Seed, Plant Stem cells, and Luminescine (Bio-liquefaction) as their hero ingredients, the products embody Zaid's vision for high-performance yet gentle, nourishing skincare.

Since the brand's launch in 2022, it has steadily gained a loyal following online and has been featured in major publications like Vogue, Glamour, and You Magazine.

The Hayaty Natural pop-up shop promises to be an immersive experience for customers. The shop will offer gifts and exclusive deals on its range of skincare products, as well as provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the alluring beauty secrets and self-care rituals of ancient Egyptian royalty. In addition, the brand's founder and team will be on hand to mingle and provide an engaging and interactive shopping experience. 

Hayaty Natural hopes that the pop-up shop will appeal to customers looking for natural and ethical skincare products that are gentle on the skin and the planet. Randa says, “We wanted to create an environment where customers can truly experience our brand values and products, which are a divine blend of quality and ancient wisdom. Our pop-up shop will be a unique opportunity to bring our online community together and connect with new customers in person. We’re excited to share our passion for holistic skincare and showcase our range of products.”

Don’t miss the chance to experience Hayaty Natural's products firsthand and enjoy exclusive offers and gifts!

About Hayaty Natural

 Founded by Randa Zaid, an Italian-Egyptian female, Hayaty Natural is a holistic skincare brand inspired by Ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients backed up by modern science, with Black Seed Oil, Lupin Seed, Plant Stem cells and Luminescine (Bio-liquefaction technology) as their heroes actives. Hayaty is on a mission to provide long-lasting results to embrace natural beauty, skin health and diversity by focusing on formulating products that optimize the skin's natural overnight regeneration process. While giving back to the community and adopting ethical production practices.

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Name: Randa Zaid , Founder and CEO



Phone: 07897608216


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