How To Be A Good Grinch This Christmas

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Many many years ago, the Grinch lived for 53 years by his lonesome on a cliff overlooking the town of Whoville. The Grinch hated all the noise made by the Whos (people of Whoville) but especially the sounds they made at Christmas, as he found them disturbing. So one night on Christmas Eve, the Grinch disguised himself as Father Christmas, snuck into the Whos’ houses and carried away all their possessions. He hoped to make them so sad that they wouldn’t make any more Christmas noises.  Imagine the Grinch’s shock in the morning when he heard the people of Whoville singing and happy to still have each other despite losing everything!

The Grinch tried to steal Christmas from the people of Whoville but did not succeed, because the people still had the most important thing left; they had each other and they were grateful! What are you grateful for this Christmas? And how can you show your gratitude? How can you be a good Grinch?


We all like to give and receive gifts for our family, friends and even business partners during Christmas. From personalized gifts to simply being present to reach out to those in need, there are many ways to make Christmas count. 

At Hayaty Natural, we are celebrating our first Christmas, and are very excited! We would like for you to be able to give your loved ones the gift of royal skincare so they can behold the richness of ancient Egyptian self-care. We have a discount running all season on all our products and we deliver all over the UK! Simply log onto our website and enter the CODE: Hayaty20 as you check out to enjoy a 20% discount offers for christmas 

Inclusivity and giving back are at the heart of Hayaty Natural. As part of our commitment, we have opened our doors to everyone including women and persons from developing countries who make a big part of our wonderful staff. In the spirit of giving back to the community, we donate to a number of charities close to our heart, including Beat, Eating Disorders, UK; The Animal Protection Foundation (APF), Egypt; Gruppi Di Volontariato Vincenziano; and Ripple Africa. We also believe in supporting local communities and small  businesses as it is at the centre of our mission.

When you give back, your body also rewards you by releasing a “feel-good” hormone called dopamine. When dopamine is released in your body, it creates a sense of pleasure and motivates you to do even more good! Helping others as you give back also gives you a sense of belonging, and purpose and promotes your overall well-being. How are you giving back this Christmas? 

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